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About Us

Say Cheese! Paper Props, is a chic paper prop boutique in the Washington DC suburb of Savage, MD. Say Cheese! has a philosophy of simple purity which allows it to provide its customers with creative products that are fun, enjoyable and the finest of quality.

Say Cheese! is out to blow customers minds and challenge perceptions with cutting edge paper props. We strive to create masterpieces of craft, color, precision, and unique designs. Our aim is to be a haven for event planners, moms, photographers, brides, grooms, and anyone who’s looking for a paper prop. Shimmery card stock, durable wood sticks, and chic designs have resulted in happy customers who can be witnessed smiling and laughing throughout their events. Celebrate life’s special moments! Pic a prop, show it off!

Say Cheese is a division of Carla David Design, LLC